When people think of ways to promote their fashion brands, video marketing is typically not one of the top methods that come to mind. Video marketing is the process of creating and sharing videos to promote your product or brand. If you are looking for some Christmas marketing ideas or general techniques to increase brand sales, you should be considering the use of videos in your marketing efforts, primarily since video marketing can increase your conversion rate significantly. More benefits of video marketing of fashion brands include the following.

Video Appeal

promoting your business with video
Videos appeal to multiple senses. Instead of merely having a page full of text or photos, a video appeals to many more reasons. Videos not only capture the viewer’s attention visually but through sound as well. Watching a video is much more comfortable and requires less attention than reading an article or an ad, convenience is a big part of the business world, and fashion brand marketing is not an exception.

Videos are easy to embed. Once you create your video, it is straightforward to integrate it into your brand’s site. That means you can have various videos all over your place, some social media sites, and even on your many profiles across the web. That adds a visual and audio feature to your website, creating more interest. Also, viewers can embed your videos on their websites, giving your fashion brand more publicity than ever.

Your brand search rankings increase. When users search for a term on a search engine such as Google, higher priority points to videos than text or images. That means your website, with all of its embedded videos, will rank higher when people search for a keyword or phrase related to your fashion brand.

User Engagement

Videos increase the amount of time a person spends on a web page. Due to the length of videos and the ability to capture a user’s attention, videos will increase the amount of time a person spends on your page. Thus, their likelihood to buy your brand will increase as well.

Videos increase your conversion rate. One of the main benefits of video marketing is the fact that it can increase your conversion rate. Since videos appeal to more of the senses and increase the duration that a person spends on a page, viewers are more intrigued to buy your brand after watching the video.

Videos have the potential to go viral. That is especially right in today’s environment of social media. Social networks give users the ability to share a video very quickly, allowing all of their friends and followers to see it, and pass it on. That triggers a higher rate of your brand’s awareness and further enhances its publicity.

The lifetime of videos is endless. Videos have the potential to last a very long time, generating more views as time goes on. The more aspects a footage had, the more popular and trusted it is among others. That is especially true if the video goes viral, as the lifetime of it will last much longer. The more views your brand keeps getting, the more popular it becomes and in turn the more your fashion brand keep expanding its sales.

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of video marketing in fashion brand marketing, you can try creating your first video. Some promotional video ideas include an interview with you or someone in your company or a slideshow presentation. Once you create your first video, share it in as many ways as you can and let your viewers do the rest!