Before Social Media came, it was so hard to sell things by any young fresh fashion designer, for whom it was so challenging to make PR, promote their work or Sell stuff to the customers & users. Digital Marketing has risen over time, and Fashion Industry is quickly embracing this extraordinary phenomenon.

Social media has been a blessing to all these small players. Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are now the most favored platforms for small & medium fashion players to promote and sell their brand all over the world.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media branding has become a handy tool for building a fashion brand. It helps you get high-quality traffic to your website. It uses social media websites and various sources to bring people to your site. Fashion brand marketing through social media enables you to reach your target audience in a more efficient, quicker, more accessible and creative way.

Facebook has mainly made it simple for small businesses to sell. With its 1 billion users, it has been a great place to find new customer and attract the attention of consumers. It is also easy to retain customers and built a list of prospective customers. Now with latest Facebook storefront apps, the fashion brands and small players are not even making websites and continued selling their stuff on their Facebook page. These applications would book orders automatically and collect payment via PayPal.

The list of these companies is vast and to name a few; Ecwid, Storefrontsocial, Rocxial, and Payment have good services that these small players can use and grow their social sales network. The storefront gives users a more comfortable way to surf products with full description and prices. Also, fans can even check out with the product without even needing going to the website. Everything takes place on the Facebook page.

Hence, small fashion designers can now find customers, book orders and get payments without the need for a website and a retail outlet. That is how social media is revolutionizing commerce, and the fledgling f-commerce is going to pick up the pace and bring rapid change.

As far as countries like Australia is concerned, the summer season is on. All the established brands like Fame & Partners, Elle, Vogue, Mamammia, Echo and The Working Woman, all are located actively on Facebook.

With the help of Social Media even now the Brand like David Jones and Myer now sell these things online to their customers outside Australia. With the help of Social Media, it’s now easy to communicate with your customers & clients.

In conclusion, with the trends and statistics in mind, its evident that social media marketing has a great potential in the marketing of fashion brands in that specific industry. With such pace and the same direction of growth, Social media is taking over Fashion brands re-allocation of their budget to online mediums from the original traditional methods.

Video Marketing

The big brands now are also turning to video and and throwing some of their marketing budget into video. Video can really push a brand due to engagement, and keeping the brand front and center in the consumers mind.

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